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Axiom Live Scan

Axiom Live Scan

FBI Ink Fingerprinting Service (FD258 Form)

We provide Ink Card fingerprinting service for form FD258, taken electronically, and printed with an FBI approved printer on FD258 Cards, for out-of-state licensing, FINRA, Federal contracts and employment, National agencies mandates, immigration and International Work Visas. Many police departments no longer provide this service to the public. We are one of the few agencies providing this service electronically by reducing errors and minimizing the chance of your prints being rejected by the FBI. This process is replacing the old ink process still used by many fingerprinting companies. We use an FBI approved live scan system that is certified to the highest of standards. Using live scan has many benefits from the old ink style printing which includes quicker scanning time & capturing more accurate fingerprints which reduces the likelihood of a rejection of the applicant’s fingerprint card by the state due to bad prints.  Our Live Scan systems digitally records the fingerprints from a scanner and then prints them out on the applicant’s fingerprint card.

You can rest assured that the prints will have a better quality then doing in with Ink and it will be accepted by the agencies requesting prints.

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